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**Review** Jericho ~ The Strong Pack ~ Crystal Dawn

Copyright 2014 by Crystal Dawn

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to people living or dead is a coincidence.

Dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line everyday to keep others safe.

Cover by Crystal Dawn using clip art from Art Explosion CD.

Note* This book is set in the world of the white wolf. Legend of the White Werewolf is a free series that this series is a spin off from.

T.J. is just an average human girl trying to avoid a serious relationship with anyone but especially wolves. She's been hurt and that isn't going to happen again any time soon.

Jericho is just your average alpha wolf heir to the Strong pack alpha. He's a bit of a player. He plans to have a good time until he finds his soul mate and settles down. He thinks T.J. is a pity date a mutual friend has forced on him until he sees her. He wants her and he won't take no for an answer.
He agrees to one night only but then discovers she is his soul mate. How crazy is that? He also discovers she is being chased by a crazy wolf that happens to be her ex. There is something special about T.J. that she hasn't told him. Will it make a difference when he finds out?

*note- This is set in the white wolf world. Explicit sex.

If anyone reads my reviews on a regular basis they know I always say I am very picky about my paranormal reads. My favorite paranormal subject is werewolves. Those sexy beasts just do it for me (I am trying not to sigh here, but the feeling is there!) Those books are just so easy for me to get into, if written well. So, when offered a book for an honest review and asked if I would do the review, it wasn’t a hard decision. I said yes!

First, we need to picture the world this book is set in. The characters live in a world were supernatural beings are the norm. It is a well known fact there are witches, weres and vampires. It isn’t uncommon for humans to interact with them and these supernatural beings to interact with each other; this includes dating and marriage.

T.J. and her silent partner/sister own a bar. Her sister isn’t around. She is off enjoying her own career and T.J. runs the bar and works there a few days a week. She is a bit of a wild-child in that she doesn’t do relationships; not anymore, at least. It has been almost a year since the last one went south and she is determined that there will never be another relationship in her life, especially with a werewolf! She learned that from her last relationship. One-night-stands work just fine for her, but she hasn’t even been doing those since her break-up. Males have been trying; she is gorgeous, after all.

Jericho is an Alpha playboy werewolf and panty melting hot. When he makes his appearance in the book…speechless…yes, that’s what I felt; he came in with a naughty verbal bang. Holy hotness! Now I will admit, if a guy came on to me like that in real life, I wouldn’t have reacted like she did, but then again, I was never a one-night-stand kind of girl (not that there is anything wrong with that) but that is the fun of reading books! You get to fantasize about all of the things you wish you could do but never will! Excuse me while I think about the scene that followed this wonderful come on! I think I need a cigarette. *sigh*

Of course, as usual in these types of books, one night turns out to prove that they are soul mates, but T. J. has a secret of her own that will affect them, not to mention that pesky ex-boyfriend werewolf that doesn’t seem to want to let her go, that has been trying to locate her. So, the book isn’t all wine and roses. That is one thing I love about werewolf paranormal. You can expect some kind of conflict and suspense in them as well as some pretty hot sex scenes. This book has both!

Crystal is solid in knowing her world and rules of the world she creates. I love that about her writing. That is one thing about this type of book that needs to be solid. If one is going to write this type of book, one needs to be sure the world they create isn’t fluid and always changing to fit the situation one is writing just to make it work. The rules of the world created have to be set and she did that well. She writes it so you can see it. She isn’t overly wordy and just enough detail is given so one knows what is going on without it being boring. I LOVED that part of her writing style. She gets to the point, explains it without over explaining. Thank you, Crystal!

One thing that could have been a little better was editing. Yes, you know me, if you read my reviews. I have a thing with editing. I do realize indie authors won’t be perfect and I give a little for that, but this needed a little better editing. I had to go back and re-read a few times to understand. Hopefully, she will go back and re-edit and update the book soon. But, I still would recommend this book for reading, if you’re a werewolf reading fan. There was no cliffhanger, but there was more that can be told in some storylines for other secondary characters in the book. Two of those characters will be the main characters in the next book due this year, Aristotle, and I am looking forward to reading that book.

Well done, Crystal! 4.5 Stars! KCW

When she's not out hunting rogue vampires and werewolves, you can find Crystal Dawn out exploring the galaxy. She can do it all without ever leaving her computer. She kicks ass, takes names, and puts it all down for the enjoyment of her readers. At least that's what I think she told me. Writing came as a natural outlet for her overly creative mind. The start of her stories is the easy part. Finishing them is a little harder when all the stories are in there trying to get out. She loves reading, chocolate, fine sweet wine, and traveling among a large list of pursuits. Her favorite people, after her family and close friends, are her readers who she says are some of the most wonderful people in this galaxy and the next.

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