Wednesday, August 13, 2014

**Bt & Giveaway** Embracing the Fall ~ New York 4 ~ Lainey Reese

Cami and Ziporah are two girls that couldn’t be more different if they tried. They met as college roommates, forging a friendship that became a lifeline when tragedy struck.

Now as Cami opens herself to reclaim her sexuality, including the possibility that she is a sexual submissive, her fear of the unknown threatens to keep her chained by the past forever.

Ziporah has always been Cami’s champion, reassurer, her safe place, and she is determined to take this erotic journey side by side with her. What starts out as supporting a friend just may end up showing Z that she and Cami may not be so different after all.

When Evan moved to New York City on business, the last thing he expected was to have two untrained subs on his hands. Each woman appeals to him in different ways. They pull at his emotions with their vulnerability and challenge his Dominance with their spunk and wit. Evan never dreamt that as he taught their bodies to submit, his heart would be brought to submission by theirs.

Having never read a FMF book before, I was hesitant about reading this novel. However, I've been a fan of Lainey Reese for a while now and based on her past works, I couldn't base this story on the FMF aspect alone. 

THAT being said. Please. If you are a fan of the New York series, of Lainey's, Please read this book. 
Lainey Reese pushed the envelope with erotica & BDSM & took it to a lever that a lot of authors do not dare to aspire to in a female dominated world. As most - note MOST - have no desire to read about female on female action. 

*Standing Ovation. Clapping wildly* to Lainey for her resolve and her bravery. 

Embracing the Fall is more than just about a FMF relationship. To see the relationship between the two women here is a friendship all of us wish we have - but few do. 

Ziphora - the strong, slim, yet loud mouthed lawyer. Confidence in spades. Could take a man, chew him up, and have him for breakfast. 
Camille - sweet, submissive, curvy, and ready to please, yet scared out of her mind to take that final step. 
Best of friends. Close as possible without a sexual relationship. Both attracted to one man on a visceral level.

Master Evan to be precise. 
Attracted to the vulnerability in Cami's eyes & her beautiful, curvy shell. Attracted to the confident defiance in Ziphora's face & her sleek, toned body.
Two women, different in every way. Yet more alike than they could possible imagine. Evan knows what each needs before they do. And seeing him in action - even in my imagination - was truly awe inspiring. The use of different techniques & forces at the same time to meet every need they have. 

Just. WOW. 

And the ladies... even in the throes of passion, the bond they share in their sisterhood remains strong as ever. 

**Note - there is NO female/female action**

Please read this story. Read it. It's not what you (those of you claiming to skip it due to f/f action) think. Lainey Reese pushed not only herself, but her readers. Knowing, fully that her readers would not be happy with the turn of events for Master Evan. The bonds that Lainey creates within the pages of Embracing The Fall are masterful. By far one of the most risky, yet astounding, books she has written. <3 

Lainey lives in beautiful Washington State. She's the youngest of five and has always wanted to be a writer. Her first novel, -A Table for Three- was nominated for best debut novel of 2010 by the Romance Review and marked a dream come true for Lainey.

With her third published release -Damaged Goods-, Lainey saw another of her dreams realized when she took a leap of faith to become a full-time author and left the safety net of a day job behind. Now she spends her days writing, with her dog at her feet and a cat curled in her lap, and asks herself a dozen times a day; how'd I ever get so lucky?

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